Sunday, January 30, 2005

Finally got de time to update my blog.. really sorry about it man.. really very busy this week, coz everyday we got many different kind of tests and common tests.. and same goes for the next week.. *sOb sOb*

Friday was the BiG FoOt bday.. so tEe LiOn KnOw here wish you a happy 18th bday..! i know jO will remember the song call "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin.." wahAha.. i will say de same thing.. Bless yOu anD jO..! wahAha.. okay okay la.. later jO beat me.. oh ya, today is our "BIG SISTER" faNg bday man.. our big sister.. old liao la.. so me here wish you a happy 15th bday..! haha.. still remember how emotional she can be.. almost cry out when we give her the bday present and a bday song during friday recesse time.. fann..! happy bday..! dun eat too much la.. hahaha.. better eat more fruit.. and and yesterday was Jay having concert in Malaysia.. hahahahaha.. cool le.. 29 Jan, a nice date..! but i perfer 27 Nov.. wahAha..!

Last Sunday, i had attend my brother OCS commissioning parade.. acatully, i though was another boring parade.. all you see is just marching marching and more marching man.. but buuut i am wrong.. is a very cool one man.. haha..

The commissioning parade start around 5 plus..? i dun really remember.. and my whole entire family attended it.. wahAha.. only four persons la.. say the whole entire family like many people sia.. wahAha.. at about 6 plus.. they all start marching in.. they also got sing many song.. will post the lyrics.. wahAha.. okay.. after they are in their position.. the colour march on.. (colour mean the flage..) then the arrival of the chief of defence force.. after that come the Mr President.. and same old stuff.. doing all the inspecting.. and they also start their marching.. after the cheking..

Mr President start his speech.. during his speech.. got two OCS cadets faint down.. oh man.. hear it from my brother.. this year is the most numbers of cadets fainting down.. poor thing.. i think is quiet a serious thing.. cos i am very far away from the them.. but me myself, i can hear the sound..

After that we have nine different of religious leaders blessing them.. hey, i now then know that Singapore have NINE different kind of religious man.. cool le.. and all the cadets need to keep quiet and head down for one mintue..Then after that we had the SOH cadets.. haha..for your guys info.. SOH = Sword Of Honour.. hahaha.. everytime hear my brother complaining that he cannot get SOH.. wahAha.. then we have the handing over the colour to junior.. where the senior is passing down the flage to their junior..

All the cadets will go and take their own rank thing.. and everyone is allow to go down and take photo and parents of the cadets need to out up the rank stuff.. the moment finally come.. where they will be standing up striagh and the moment the mc say.. they are offically graduate from OCS.. everyone throw their cap up into the sky.. so touching sia.. after that my brother and i went to eat the buffet.. and i was shock to see Mr Koh Tee Hock inside the room.. oh man.. and the NCC guys.. went up and say a hello to keegan and billy..

Oh ya.. i have change the music code to a mixture of three chinese kung fu.. we got Shuang Dao cum Shuang Jie Gun cum Long Quan.. one of my favourite track.. and funny part is after Shuang Jie Gun, Jay start Long Quan by singing.."Wo jiu shi na tiao long..!" the way he sing is damn cute and funny man.. and the instrument he use in Long Quan.. remind me of chinese new year.. a good song to use le.. chinese new year coming.. and you can find this song in his Incomparable Live cd.. oh ya.. and thankz toot leader for that cd.. i like it man.. wahAha.. okay la. will stop here.. need to get back to my homework.. pity thing.. later..!

Here is a picture of my family and me in the Commissioning Parade..

And here come the lyrics..
-Xiang Xin Wo Ba Xin Jia Po-
Wo shi nian qing wei guo jun
You de shi man qiang de re xue
You de shi king li chong pei
Xiang xin wo ba xin jia po

Wo shi nian qing wei guo jun
You de shi man qiang de re xue
You de shi king li chong pei
Xiang xin wo ba xin jia po

Wo yan yong zhe gu li liang
Xian shen yu xin jia po
Wo yao ba di ren xiao mie
Xiang xin wo ba xin jia po

-Munneru Valiba-
Munnernu valiba munneri endrum
Thoduvan nok ku vai kan the ri ya they
Kar lrullil oli rum vin mee nay
Thanimaiyalay payantha nadugal lrulil oli pera
Unnai nadum, mail nok ku valiba
en drum mun ne ri thodu van nok ku vai
(isn't it a national day song..?)

-OCS Song-
We come from many places,
All across the land,
Of many different races
Together hand in hand.
United we stand

Divided we fall;
Ready to serve our nation's call

We come from OCS,
We are the very best

Leading with dignity and pride
Wherever we go

We will always know
Our spirit lives forever more,

Loyalty to country
That's what we all believe;
To lead, Excel and Overcome,
Is what we must achieve.
Forever strong and valiant,
We'll give our lives and more;
Never ceasing to serve Singapore.


what we could have been, 2:36 PM.
Monday, January 17, 2005

YEEEEEAP.. tomorrow toooomorrow TOMORROW is isssssss IS Jay 26th BdAy..! so happy.. wahahaha.. here a devoted fan wanna wish you a hApPy 26th BdAy..! all the beeeeest and take care of your health man..!

Okay.. i really got nothing much to blooooog.. just wanna wish my Jay a happy bday.. oh ya.. my deeear frieeeeeeends out there.. today, i really enjoy the geography lessson.. this let me think of the sec one and two when we have a greeeeat time together..!

Oh ya.. just grab hold of our First Singapore Idol's ablum.. not a bad one.. haha.. and this is the very very veeery first english ablum that i bought man.. haha.. a nice ablum, i was thinking maybe he can take his time to do his debut ablum, no hurry man.. wahaha.. Hope sly ablum dun have any An Jing man.. hope hooooooope..

I dun think i will update my blog that often.. as the fourth week is coming and all the test coming too.. haiz.. okay then.. i will post a picture of our OCS..! we have shi right, shi fu.. and last but no leaaast ME, shi left..! OCS Da BEST..! We R the Lamer..! wahAha.. siao..

what we could have been, 10:49 PM.
Thursday, January 13, 2005

Okay guys.. i know my entry is very sian.. just bear with it.. to make my blog more inteseting.. i later will update one picture of 2e7(2004) harmonica people.. a bit sad.. actually got 7 people de.. one people went missing.. this is picture is taken during the hoilday.. when we guys went to west coast to celebrate Miss Yap bday.. if you guys notice, below the link there is one name as MiSs YaP BdAy.. press on it, you will link to the picture we take during miss yap bday.. when someone ask me to link the picture, so that they can view it.. so you all must thankz Sze Yee..

Anyway.. i really got nothing to write.. so i will intro S.H.E song to you guys then.. the song is Ai Ne.. this is Ella love story.. dun know wat happen.. this song suit my mood.. wahAha.. is a very very sad song.. if you guys watch Ai Ne mv.. you all will find out ella is crying away.. poor little thing.. haiz.. saying about S.H.E.. i haven buy their Encore ablum.. haiz..

Oh ya.. now is the second weeks of the term one.. and soon is going to be the fourth week.. and here come all the stupid common test and teeeest.. hahaha.. look cool le..

Today is my mummy bday.. so i over here wanna wish my deeear mummy, a very happy 46th bday.. i wanna wish Pei Wei a 16th bday.. even though you always bully me and jy.. see i so good.. sorry is a bit late.. his bday fall on mon..? if i not wrong..and i also wanna wish Jeanette a early bday, which fall on Sunday, 16 Jan.. and after Jeanette, issss Jay ChOu..! which is 18 Jan.. oh ya.. suddenly remember that on 18 Jan, beside Jay bday.. also two of my classmates bday.. which is Beatrice and Boon Ya.. so here wish you a early 15th bday man..

Okay.. here come the end of my entry.. oh ya.. will post the picture of 2e7(2004) harmonica people.. enjoooooy..!

what we could have been, 7:16 PM.
Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sorry guys.. did not update for a very verrrry long time liao.. school already reopen for one week liao.. and everyday come home is homeeework and more homework.. oh ya.. i miss jo badly.. cos everytime i go and disturb her ma.. now cannot liao.. sian la.. oh ya.. finally the CCA open house over liao.. no more staying baaack until 5pm.. i think is quite a success one.. lucky..

Yesterday is S.H.E world tour concert.. hear from my brother that is a very very high concert.. and today he happily asking me why i never go.. NVM.. anyway.. i have change the music code to s.h.e song.. the song name is ai ne.. hope you guys like it..

Oh ya.. today i have an early celebration for my mummy bday.. cos my brother will be in the camp.. and friday is tiAn bday.. she is the very very first senior to teach me harmonica.. so your junior here, wish you a happy 16th bday..! oh ya.. today is 9 Jan.. so 9 more days to Jay 26th bday.. wahAha..

Here is a intersting phrase.. hope you guys enjoy..

200 0--we met Jay.
200 1--we entered his Fantasy world.
200 2--we explored The Eight Dimensions of his creativity.
200 3--we celebrated the woman who brought him to us, Ye Hui Mei.
200 4--we spread our passion for good music to people thousands of miles away from us, the way Qi Li Xiang spreads its fragrance to people seven poetic miles away from it. :)


what we could have been, 11:27 PM.


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